Official Statement: Mutual Termination of Contract with Željko Petrović

Official Statement: Mutual Termination of Contract with Željko Petrović

HŠK Zrinjski Mostar would like to officially confirm the mutual termination of the contract with head coach Željko Petrović.

Given that Mr. Petrović had a successful six months at the helm of the Plemići, crowned by winning the BiH Cup, HŠK Zrinjski wishes to emphasize that all circumstances were considered in today’s discussion, after which a friendly agreement was reached for his departure.

“The decision to propose a mutual termination of the contract was not easy, but given the great responsibility of the Management, we believe it to be the right one. Željko Petrović is a coach with great renown, and we are happy that he agreed to become our coach six months ago. The results achieved and the Cup victory are the best indicators that we made the right decision at that time regarding his engagement. We are entering another season with high expectations and ambitions, and given Mr. Petrović’s reputation and the possibility of him joining a foreign club even before our European matches, we had to turn to a solution we consider equally good, which at the same time guarantees continuity in our work,” stated Management President Denis Lasić.

In light of the above, HŠK Zrinjski has decided to appoint Mario Ivanković as the new head coach, who will gather the team today at 18:30 and start preparations for the new season.

Željko Petrović was appointed head coach of the Plemići on January 5th, made his official debut in a Cup match against Slavija (3:0), and under his leadership, Zrinjski recorded 18 wins, three draws, and one loss in 22 matches.

We thank Coach Petrović for his successful cooperation and sincerely wish him much luck and success in his future coaching career.