As in previous seasons, individuals without seasonal accreditations will be able to accredit themselves for each home match of HŠK Zrinjski via the link, no later than three days before the match. After confirmation of accreditation via email, it can be collected on the day of the match at the official entrance no earlier than two hours before the match and no later than half an hour before the match. In exceptional circumstances, the Public Relations Department will inform media representatives about special times for collecting accreditations. NOTE: Requests received after the deadline will not be approved, regardless of the media outlet.

Requests for seasonal press cards are accepted exclusively via email: The request must be on the media house’s letterhead and include:

Media name
Name and surname of the chief editor or editor of the sports department
Contact information of the editor (email and mobile)
Name and surname of the journalist/cameraman/photographer
Contact information of the journalist/cameraman/photographer (email and mobile)
Type of accreditation: Press / Photo / TV / ZIS
Signature of the responsible editor

Accreditations are issued exclusively to journalists who regularly attend senior and youth team matches, press conferences, and other events organized by HŠK Zrinjski Mostar.

The club reserves the right not to issue accreditations to media outlets that do not adhere to the basics of journalistic ethics in reporting. Incomplete requests will not be considered. Seasonal accreditation is the property of HŠK Zrinjski Mostar, non-transferable, and any misuse is punishable. In case of loss or damage to the accreditation, please notify: Finders are kindly requested to deliver the accreditation to: HŠK Zrinjski Mostar, Stjepana Radića 45, 88000 Mostar. Accreditation owners and media outlets are responsible for their use.

To receive notifications about media activities of HŠK Zrinjski, send an email to to be added to the mailing list. For arranging interviews with the coach, players, or other official personnel of HŠK Zrinjski, contact the Public Relations Department or send an email to


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