REPORT | HŠK Zrinjski 4:0 FK Tuzla City

Round 32 | Wwin liga BiH

HŠK Zrinjski HŠK Zrinjski 4

FK Tuzla City FK Tuzla City 0

REPORT | HŠK Zrinjski 4:0 FK Tuzla City

However, the new three points did not keep our hopes of defending the title alive, as our competitor for the championship, FK Borac, also won today. With one round remaining, our gap behind the leader remains five points.

After a much better start to the match than the opponent, we took the lead in the 15th minute with a brilliant goal by Mario Ćuže, and we went into halftime with a 2:0 lead – the scorer was Nardin Mulahusejnović (43′) from a penalty kick won by Matija Malekinušić.

In the second half, we saw two more goals in the visitors’ net. Ćuže scored his second goal in the 60th minute, and twelve minutes later, Malekinušić also found the back of the net.

It’s worth noting the official debut of Anis Sefa in the Zrinjski jersey, who got the opportunity in the last fifteen minutes, replacing Goran Karačić.

The players of both teams came onto the field wearing shirts from the Youth Sports Games, thus joining the Football Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and other clubs in supporting this largest amateur sports event in Europe, which celebrates its founding day on May 21st.

Before the match, Hrvoje Barišić received a commemorative jersey with the number 200 from President Denis Lasić, as he made his 200th official appearance in a Zrinjski jersey in the first leg of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Cup final. The fan club “Ultras – Zrinjski” awarded the “Filip Šunjić – Pipa” Trophy for the 2023/2024 season to Marko Marić.

Zrinjski now turns its focus to the second leg of the Cup final against Borac, which is scheduled for Thursday in Banja Luka, while in the last league match on Sunday, we will be guests of Igman in Konjic.


1:0 Ćuže (13′)

2:0 Mulahusejnović (43, 11m)

3:0 Ćuže (60′)

4:0 Malekinušić (72′)



Karačić (76′ Sefo), Barišić, Mulahusejnović (46′ Sabljić), Malekinušić, Ramić (46′ Savić), Ivančić (64′ Kiš), Ćuže, Lukanić, Šunjić, Memija, Tičinović (64′ Corda)


Abdulahović, Nikić (74′ Nikić), Delimeđac, Šukilović, Ordagić (66′ D. Hodžić), Hadžić (83′ Fehrić), Garčević, Redžić, Osmić, Kobiljar (83′ T. Hodžić), Sušić